Writing Jobs – Top 5 Websites To Find Them

Writing JobsThere are many places to get writing jobs, both online and off. There is a vast sea of opportunity for writers all over the world. I have compiled a list of places on the web where you can go to find these writing jobs. If you are looking to either be hired by someone or freelance, take some time and go through these resources. Take notes, bookmark sites that look promising, and most of all….have fun!


This one should seem fairly obvious, but Craigslist has as sea of jobs listed on it, all you have to do is go to your city and type in “writing jobs”. See what comes up, and start making contacts. There is also a “writing/editing jobs” section to look through. I live in Pittsburgh, and when I go to this section of Craigslist, immediately, I see writing jobs listed for medical writing, social media blogging, website content writing, and more.

Write Jobs

The Write JobsTM is a specialty job board and career resource for journalism, media, publishing and writing professionals. Their job board includes job offers in freelancing, journalism, media, publishing, technical writing and medical writing. The Write JobsTM is part of Writers Write, Inc.’s network of resources for creative professionals which includesReaders ReadThe Write News and Writers Write. Tons of opportunity here!


Indeed is the home of all kinds of job types, writing no exception. Simply type in what kind of job you are looking for, in your case “writing”, and then type in your desired location. At the time of this writing, when I type in “writer” and “Pittsburgh”, I see listings for copywriting, technical writing, employee benefits writing, second language writing, etc. And that’s just the top half of the first page.


Elance is also a job listing website, but it’s strictly for freelancers and people looking to hire freelancers. If you are looking for an employee/employer relationship, this is probably not the site for you. But if you are looking for freelance writing opportunities, this site is sea of golden opportunities. The “writing and translation” section is where you’ll look to find jobs like blogging, transcription, creative writing, journalist, website content creator, etc.

ProBlogger Job Board

Here you can find blogging jobs. This job board was created by Darren Rowse, creator of ProBlogger.com, and is a goldmine of opportunity for paid blogging jobs. The ProBlogger Job Board is where bloggers looking for jobs and companies looking for bloggers to hire meet.

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