How important is SEO To The Success Of Your Kindle Book?

I got a couple emails recently from my Kindle Bootcamp  students asking me my thoughts on a new course that everyone has been buzzing about called Page One Profits. It’s a course that shows you exactly how to use Search Engine Optimization to promote your book on Kindle. Unfortunately, I couldn’t really give them an answer because I hadn’t had the chance to review the product myself. Well, last night I obtained a copy and went through the program so I could connect with my students and hopefully answer some of their burning questions about it.

This course is made up of video, audio, and pdf’s, and solely focuses on SEO (Search Engine Optimization) as the means to rank your Kindle books. It teaches you how to get your book to page one of the Amazon search results for your primary keyword. As a Kindle publisher myself, I know there are a few different ways to use keywords to get your books ranked, but this course gave me some really great ideas, particularly on how to use LSI keywords and backlinks to boost my listings.

While there are a few steps in the course I probably won’t take, like bulk blog comment spamming to obtain backlinks, there are some interesting golden nuggets I definitely plan on using.

One very valuable thing I learned from the course is how to analyze the factors that contribute to the success of the top books for my keywords, and based on that information, identify exactly what I need to do to outrank them. Some of these factors include how many Twitter shares and Facebook likes the book has, and how many inbound links there are to the book’s listing page.

The course also talks about the impact that reviews, tags, and likes have on your sales, and goes into detail about how to go about obtaining these ethically. (Not paying for them….which is against Amazon’s TOS) There is also access to a private Facebook Group of people who read each other’s books and leave honest reviews, likes, and tags.

Do I think SEO is important in the Kindle world? I do. If you have followed Kindle Bootcamp, you know that I go into detail about a very effective way to do keyword research on Amazon. I definitely don’t think you should ignore SEO when it comes to your Kindle books. Amazon has a ranking system just like Google, and from my own experience, I am fairly positive that ranking system has a lot to do with keywords.

Would I recommend the Page One Profits Kindle Course? For the most part, yes. I think you could learn a great deal on how to rank for your desired keyword. However, having said that, you still have to know how to choose a profitable keyword, target the right market,  and enter a lucrative genre on your own. The course doesn’t teach you that.

What this course will teach you is how to get your book to page one, specifically in the top 3 results, on Amazon for your keyword.

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