{KINDLE BOOK MARKETING STRATEGY} One HUGE Reason Why You Should Use KDP Select’s Free Promo Tool

Kindle Book Marketing StrategyI often get questions about using Amazon’s KDP Select free promo tool, and if it’s even worth enrolling your books now that the free promos don’t positively affect your sales rank in the paid results.

Prior to February of 2012, if you used KDP Select and offered your book free for a few days, all the downloads you got during your free promotion would help boost its sales rank in the paid results after the promo ended. But, now, unfortunately, that is not the case. Free downloads do not affect your sales rank when your promo ends.

So, why use KDP Select to give your book away for free?

One HUGE reason you should offer your book free is to gain exposure to the links to your other books inside. If you have more than one book in a particular genre, be sure to add links inside each book to your other books. Take turns using these books as “loss leaders”, offering them for free to drive more traffic and get more sales on your other books.

This particularly works well with books in a series, or books that build on one another. For example, I write books about healthy eating choices. I also write about organic gardening. These two topics are related, so linking books in both these sub genres would make perfect sense. Someone who is interested in getting healthy through the right food choices is likely to also be interested in growing their own organic garden full of healthy fruits and vegetables.

Another advantageous result gained from offering your books free is reviews.

With all the free downloads of your book, you will most likely gain some reader reviews. I have the most luck getting reviews when I actually “ask” readers to post them. At the end of my books, I gently ask readers to drop me a review and provide them a link to do so.

Reviews are important, and can have an impact on your sales rank….but that’s a topic for another email.

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