Why Become A Kindle Publisher?

So, you want to be an author? Awesome! Publishing on Amazon’s KDP Platform is all the rage, and there is no better time than to jump in on the action than right now! There are so many reasons why Kindle Publishing is one of the best and easiest ways to make money online!

  • You can create multiple streams of income on complete auto-pilot. The more books you crank out, the more streams of income you create!
  • If you have a business, you can use your books as a way to gain more customers and develop trust.
  • It is a way for you to easily establish yourself as an authority in any niche or micro niche.
  • It’s fun and rewarding to be able to call yourself an “author”.
  • It is totally possible to create a full time income with Kindle.

If you play your cards right, continue to create quality books, those books will bring in sales. Sometimes this business is a game of numbers. If each book brings in a small amount of sales each month, then logic tells you that you can create a large amount of income for yourself each month by cranking out more and more books.

All you have to do is keep creating quality books that people want to read and the money will follow.

Kindle Bootcamp will help you get your Kindle Publishing business started the right way!

Let Me Take A Moment To Introduce Myself

My name is April, and I am an author and a publisher. (I love saying that! :)) In 2002 I wrote my first fiction novel. I had no idea what I was doing at the time. I had a story churning inside me that I needed to get onto paper. I would write for hours at a time. I had no plan for my book’s storyline, I simply wrote what ever my creative mind came up with.

When it all came together and the story finally came to an end, I couldn’t believe I had written all that! I was so proud. My story was so exciting and I was sure everyone would love it!

Soon after my book was completed and professionally edited, I learned of a writing contest held by the very same publishing company who wrote the series of books that inspired me to write mine. The prize was a book deal with the publishing company! I was so excited and really thought I had a genuine shot at winning.

I packaged my book up and sent it out. I waited. And waited………and waited. Finally, when I couldn’t stand it any longer, I called the publisher to see if I had won, only to find out the winner had been chosen 3 weeks prior, and my rejection letter would be coming in the mail soon. Wonderful!

I was crushed. Heartbroken. Discouraged. I gave up on writing, packaged my manuscript up in a box, and buried it deep within the shelves of my laundry room. I put my book completely out of my mind, convinced that it had to be awful. In fact, when it would creep into my mind, I would actually feel a bit ashamed.

Isn’t that sad? Maybe you can relate. Maybe you were/are an aspiring author who has been rejected by a traditional publisher and is convinced that your writing sucks! I suspect this exact scenario has probably happened to many a writer. When something you put your heart and soul into is rejected, it hurts!

Fast forward to 2011. Self publishing has become all the rage and I learned of Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing platform. Still convinced that my writing sucked, I decided to try my hand at a short informational how-to book using a pen name.

To this day, I still write under a couple different pen names, which we will talk more about later on in the course.

I still remember the feeling I got when I finished that book. Something within me was saying, “why even try….no one is going to buy your stupid book.”  I honestly didn’t have high hopes for it when I uploaded it. But what happened with that book in the next few months completely changed my mind about writing!

It was absolutely awesome! People were buying it! I couldn’t believe it. I had written a short book, threw it up on Amazon, and I was making money from it in just a few days! And with each new sale came a lower sales rank (lower is better with Kindle), which gave my book more exposure, which brought on more sales, etc.

Still to this day, when I log into my KDP account to check my sales on that very first book, the number of sales consistently increases. It’s so exciting.

Each book is an asset to my Kindle Publishing business and brings me in a stream of income. The more books I write, the more streams I create!

KDP has given me wings! And even if you have never had aspirations of becoming a writer, and are just interested in making money online, it has never been faster and easier than it is now to start earning.

Yes, like anything worth pursuing in life, it takes work, planning, strategizing, researching, etc. But with each new book you create, you will not only experience a sense of accomplishment, you will create for yourself passive income that runs completely on auto pilot.

Amazon has enabled me to not only get my information products in front of a sea of hungry readers, but also enabled me to establish myself as an authority in my genre and finally become a published author.

There is just something special about being able to call yourself an “author”.  There’s really no feeling quite like seeing your book hit Best Seller status, and similarly, no feeling quite like logging into your KDP account to see that your book has been downloaded over 300 times in 2 days!

I have yet to publish that very first novel, as the sting from rejection still hasn’t healed 100%…..(I know, pathetic, right?) but, when I do, I intend for it to be a success!

In Kindle Bootcamp, I am going to teach you everything I have learned over the past few years on how to create successful books on Amazon using Kindle Direct Publishing. (KDP)

My hope is that you, too, can begin building a successful Kindle Publishing Business and create for yourself multiple streams of passive income that run completely on auto pilot!

What You Will Learn In Kindle Bootcamp

  1. How To Generate Profitable Ideas For Your Books
  2. How To Choose A Title That Will Convert Browsers Into Buyers
  3. How To Design An Eye Catching Cover For Your Book
  4. How To Write The Next Best Seller
  5. How To Write A Description That Will Set Your Book Apart From All The Others  **Insider Info**
  6. How To Find Your Book’s Pricing Sweet Spot
  7. How To Promote Your Book On And Off Amazon

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