Kindle Bootcamp Day 3: Creating Gorgeous Professional Kindle Covers That Literally Force You To Peek Inside

I know this may seem a bit like putting the cart before the horse here, considering your book isn’t even written yet, but when I begin writing a new book, I always get a preliminary design of my cover created right off the bat to keep me motivated.

When I sit down to work on the book, I always have a glance at the cover image first, and it really kicks my writing sessions into high gear.

By the time I get finished with the book, the concept of my cover might have drastically changed, but just having that cover to look at while I am creating my book’s content really makes my book come to life in the process.

At the end of this lesson, I will show you exactly how to get your preliminary cover made quick and hassle free.

First, let’s talk about what makes a high converting book cover.

Since I became a self published author, I have been able to weed out the important elements verses the not-so important elements of a high converting book cover.

Elements Of A High Converting Book Cover

***Note*** These are things that I have concluded contribute to conversion based on my own experience.

  • Dark backgrounds seem to do better. Whether it’s my own book or any book on Amazon, dark backgrounds seem to catch my attention more. All my books now have dark backgrounds and either white or off-white lettering. They are easy on the eye, easily noticed when scrolling through a list of Kindle books, and in my opinion, just seem more professional.

Depending on your niche, you may come to a different conclusion, but in all the genres I write in, dark backgrounds seem to be favored.

  • Human Faces Give Trust. This is something I don’t really see a lot of authors taking advantage of.  I have tested covers both with a human face and without a human face, and I have concluded that including a friendly face on the cover of your book will give you more sales.

Since all of my books are written under a pen name (at the time of this writing), I have not used my own face. I find stock images of friendly faces online and use them. You can find these images on any royalty free image site. Always check what can and can’t be done with these images before using them.

Of course, I never imply that the face on the cover is the face of the author, because that would be dishonest, and I don’t know of anyone that would allow you to use their face to represent a persona.

What I do is, if I am writing non fiction, (which most of my books are) I use an image looking straight at the reader and smiling. If the book caters to a specific gender, I choose the image accordingly. I find that because the image of the person is looking directly at the reader and smiling, it draws the reader in and subliminally gains more trust.

Is this deceptive? I don’t think so. Advertisements on TV, billboards, and magazines use this tactic all the time Next time you are watching TV, take note of all the people in commercials smiling directly at you. Also, take note of how that makes you feel as opposed to watching an ad with a bunch of impersonal scenes.

Your book cover is, essentially, an ad for your book.

If I am writing fiction, I use faces with an expression that conveys the tone of my book. With fiction, they usually aren’t staring directly at the reader. They are usually looking elsewhere, but their face or faces (you can have multiple people on a cover) always convey the tone of the book.

Also, with fiction, I always use an intriguing background image that also conveys the storyline of my book.

  • Author Name Visibility. Geoff Shaw, from Kindlingtaught me this one, and you’ll actually hear this tip a alot if you spend any time with other self published authors.  Placing the author name in large font and having it clearly visible as one of the biggest elements of your cover really helps to brand your book.

One thing I always do is use the same font and style of text for the author name in all books written in the same pen name. This also helps build your brand and establish trust with your readers.

  • Toot Your Own Horn. This is one area in life that I feel is A OK to toot your own horn. When your book hits the top 100 in a Best Seller category, slap a golden seal or some kind of stand-out text on your cover stating your book is a “Top 100 On Amazon” book. You’ll be surprised at just how well this works in favor of more conversions.

Any kind of recognition your book gets, put it on the cover for the world to see!

How To Create The Preliminary Cover

One of the best discoveries I made when starting out in this business is the power of the preliminary cover. However, one of the biggest mistakes I made with creating them was doing it myself. 

I can’t tell you how much time I wasted on these preliminary covers trying to get them just right and most of the time, this original design was not the final one used upon book launch.

I am a perfectionist, which is good in some areas of life, but not so good in others. What I have learned to do is outsource.

(gasp)….Ok….you can pick your jaw off the ground now. I know most people are totally scared to do something like outsource. But I am going to show you a simple, hassle free way to accomplish this, so no worries!

If you have never heard of, I am about to open up a whole world of outsourcing possibilities for you! is a website where people list “gigs” stating what they will do for only $5.  Just like any situation that calls for quality, you will have to weed through to find the best of the best, but surprisingly, there are a lot of really high quality graphic design artists on Fiverr.

There are actually people whose gigs are creating book covers specifically for Kindle.

If you go to Fiverr and type “Kindle Book Cover” in the search bar, a list of gigs show up. At the top of the search results, click on “rating”. 

This will list the top consumer rated gigs for Kindle covers first. Simply click on a gig that interests you, and check out the artist’s work. I have gotten all my Kindle covers made with a Fiverr gig.

I have found a really awesome girl who pumps out awesome book covers in only 2 days! Poke around a bit on Fiverr and you will be able to find someone who suits your needs.

Action Step: By now, you should have a profitable idea for a book, along with a title chosen. Your assignment for tonight is to head over to Fiverr, find a quality designer, and order a gig (only $5) for your preliminary book cover.

Be sure to check your email tomorrow for day 4 of Kindle Bootcamp where we will go over a super duper easy and quick method to crank out your book’s content!