Kindle Bootcamp Day 2: How To Come Up With Killer Titles That Bring In The Moolah

When it comes to choosing your book’s title, there are 2 methods to choose from:

1. An SEO’ed (Search Engine Optimized) Title. Choose a title that contains the primary keyword you want your book to be found for. For example, if your book is about “dog training” and your primary keyword is “dog training”, your title could be “Everything You Need To Know About Dog Training” or “Dog Training For Dummies”.…..something with the primary keyword “dog training” in it.

2. An Attention Grabbing Title. Choose a title that is catchy and attention grabbing. Something that will stand out from the crowd of other books on dog training. Such a title could be something like “Fido, Stop Peeing On That Rug!” or “Dogs Gone Wild”….you get the picture! :-)

There are pros and cons to using either of these methods.

PROS of SEO’ing Your Book’s Title

1. Amazon uses your book title in the url and the title tag of your book’s listing page , so to fully optimize your listing page so it ranks well in Google, your title should be your main keyword.

2. Another good reason to have your book’s title be your primary keyword is because Amazon associates who decide to promote your book will most likely use your book’s title as their anchor text pointing back to your book’s listing page. The more affiliates using your primary keyword as the anchor text the more link juice your book’s listing page will get and the higher the rank in Google for that keyword.

CONS of SEO’ing Your Book’s Title

1. With each review someone writes, it throws the SEO off a bit.  So, if your book’s title and description are fully optimized for your keyword, and the reviews start rolling in, your optimization work will probably not carry as much weight.

2. SEO’ing your book’s listing page for a primary keyword means you can’t easily go and change your title if your book isn’t doing well. One of my most successful strategies for reviving a book that is dead in the water is changing the title, description, and cover. If you have centered your book’s listing page around a certain keyword, it’s a little hard to change the title.

3. You are limited in the creativity of your title. You want your book title to be attractive and attention grabbing.  That can get a bit challenging when you have your primary keyword stuck in there.

PROS of Using An Attention Grabbing Title

1. Catching your reader’s attention, forcing them to stop and take a look at YOUR book, as opposed to all the others in the niche.

2. You can easily change your book’s title without it majorly affecting your overall on-Amazon marketing strategy.

CONS of Using An Attention Grabbing Title

  1. Lack of SEO. Your book title will not be found for any major keywords. You will have to rely on your ability to hook browsers into checking out your book.

How To Gain The Best Of Both Worlds

Here’s what I do, and I have had much success with this strategy. I use an attention grabbing title and incorporate my primary keyword into my sub title.

For example, still using the primary keyword “dog training”, my book’s title could look something like this:

“Sit Fido, No.. Really Sit! – Dog Training In Action”


“Did You Eat My Shoe Again?! – Dog Training Made Easy”

I obviously just pulled those off the top of my head, but do you see how I incorporated the keyword “dog training” into my sub title?

This has always been the solution for me, but you can decide for yourself which method works best for you and your niche.

Best Ways To Come Up With Attention Grabbing Titles

Just like I use magazines headlines and stories to come up with trendy book ideas, I also use them to come up with catchy titles. Magazines can be your best friend in this business!

I never copy the titles, I emulate them. For example, if one of the headlines in “Puppys R Us” Magazine (fictitious mag) is “How To Train Your New Puppy To Sit On Command”, you could emulate that by rewording it to say “Sit Fido Sit – Dog Training For New Puppies”

I took the magazine title, reworded it, came up with a catchy title, and also used my primary keyword in the sub title.

I love hitting the magazine racks at the grocery stores. I always come home with a ton of new ideas. Just tote a pen and paper around with you at all times for those moments you unexpectedly run into something that inspires you.

Another method I have used in the past while in the car driving with my family are billboards. Take note of all the advertisements you see on billboards. Those ads are meant to catch your eye in a split second, so emulating them appropriately could lead you to very profitable title ideas!.

Action Step: Go hit up some magazine racks and make a long list of headlines that catch your eye. On your way to the store, check out all the billboards you pass.

I know you could have saved yourself a trip and just did it last night when researching book ideas, but honestly, breaking up these two steps is more effective in my experience.

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