Kindle Bootcamp Day 1: How To Generate Profitable Ideas For Your Books

Aside from actually writing your book, coming up with ideas on what to write about is probably the most time consuming aspect of publishing your own book, but it also can be the most fun! Not only do you need an interesting topic, but your topic needs to have profitability potential on Kindle. The following is how I go about coming up with profitable ideas for new books.

I usually break this process into 2 steps:

  1. Brainstorm: I use the methods I describe below to come up with a bunch of ideas.
  2. Research:. I then research categories and sub categories in the Kindle Best Sellers area of Amazon to see if my book will have a chance at becoming a Best Seller.

Let’s break down these steps.


This is the fun part! To kick your brainstorming sessions into high gear, do the following:

  • Jot down all topics that you are personally interested in or experienced in. What do you do for a living? Are you a teacher? There may be a demand for books on how to teach children to read. Are you a plumber? How about a DIY book on fixing your own water leaks.

The possibilities here are really very personal and specific to you as a person. Chances are, if you already know a lot about a certain topic, writing a book on it wouldn’t be too hard.

Get creative. Think of every aspect of your life. Your work, your marriage, your children, your hobbies, etc.

  • Go to your local drug store (or any store that has lots of magazine racks) and check out popular how-to and advice magazines to find out what is trending. Check out the headlines on the cover, as well as the T.O.C. inside. I usually find plenty of great ideas by doing this. (Think Parenting Magazine or Prevention)

There is literally a sea of topics you can find this way in every imaginable niche and micro niche on the planet. And the best part about this method is you can find out what is currently HOT.  Magazine editors thoroughly research their article topics before publishing….they know what is trending at the moment. Take some pointers from their topics.

Insider Tip*** Stay away from celebrity gossip magazines. You don’t want to write a book based off of celebrity gossip. Stay far far away from topics that could get you in trouble with slander or libel issues.

  • Head over to Amazon. Check out what is trending in different categories on the Kindle Best Seller’s list.

Go here: Best Sellers In Amazon’s Kindle Store

Take a look at what is trending. You can generate a ton of great ideas by checking out best selling books in a category that interests you.

After I have a rather large list of potential topics, I move on to research if those topics have profitability potential on Amazon.


This is where the magic happens!

Insider Tip*** My Professional Kindle Training has taught me that selecting categories that sell is the secret sauce to getting into a Best Seller position. And the higher up on the Best Seller ranks your book is, the more exposure. And with more exposure obviously comes more sales!

Let’s take a look at the research process:

  •  Once you have compiled your topics list, take each topic and go to its most appropriate category. Then drill down into that category to the lowest tier.

For example, if you are interested in creating a recipe book, go to Cooking, Food, and Wine.   If you click on Cooking, Food, and Wine you will notice a whole column of 2nd tier categories that show up. One of those sub categories is Baking. 

Continue to drill down to the next tier….so in this example, you would click on Baking and it would take you to a 3rd tier of categories. What you want to do once you get to the very last tier of a category is check the sales rank of the 1st book in the Paid Best Seller list, the 5th book, and the 10th.

If the sales rank is below 5000 (the lower the better) of the 1st book, then move on to check the sales rank of the 5th. If it is higher than 5000, you may want to move on.
If the sales rank of the 5th book is below 10,000, then move on to check the 10th. If it is higher, you may want to move on. And if the sales rank of the 10th book is below 20,000, then I would conclude this sub category is a good one to enter.

**Insider Tip**  You can potentially enter any category/sub category’s Best Seller status, it just may take more time if the sales ranks for the top 10 books are high. If they are high, that usually means, not as many people are buying books in that category as they would be if the sales rank is lower. In other words, the lower the ranks, the more in-demand the category.

**Insider Tip** If all the sales ranks pass the criteria above, but the books in the top 10 include ones that are written by celebrities, move on. You really cannot compete with celebrity written books.

Action Step: Now you have a solid formula for finding profitable ideas for your books! Get off the computer and go generate your list. Once you have a sizable list of potential topics, do your category research.

Don’t forget to check your email tomorrow for day 2 of Kindle Bootcamp, where we will discuss the secret formula to coming up with killer book titles. See you then!

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