Kindle Book Marketing Strategy - How To Use KDP Select's Free Promo Tool To Market Your Kindle Book

In the last post, we talked about how advantageous it is to use KDP Select’s free promo days to offer one of your books for free. Why? To gain exposure to the links inside leading to your other books.

We referred to this free book as a ‘loss leader’, and in today’s post, I am going to talk a little about this ‘loss leader’. There are few things to consider when creating content designed to pre-sell your other books.

Your ‘loss-leader’ book, even though it is free to your readers, is essentially the most important book in your publishing business. It is the face of your business, if you will……the storefront that draws in potential buyers.

If they like what they see, they will invest in the rest of your work.

Let’s take a trip to your local mall, for example. What do you see when you walk down the halls? Each store has a storefront. Clothing stores have mannequins in the windows showing you how beautiful their clothing looks on humans, candy stores usually have bins of their best candy behind glass for all to see, and just about every other store you can imagine has an attractive storefront display to give customers a taste of what their experience will be if they buy from that store.

This is exactly what your ‘loss leader’ book should do for potential readers. It should be the storefront of your publishing business. The quality of your ‘loss leader’ book should  be just as good as your paid books. It should inform, entertain, and create the need to buy your other books.

Your ‘loss leader’ book should be a soft sales pitch, if you will, to your other books. It should contain good, quality information the reader can’t get anywhere else, and it should give your readers a taste of your wonderful writing style.

Put the extra time and effort into this book, it is well worth it!

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