Why Focusing On One Genre Will Help Boost Your Kindle IncomeIn the past, I have written books in different markets. My very first Kindle book was in the ‘make money online‘ niche, then I moved on to other, unrelated, markets, testing the waters, testing the markets, all the while not really honing in deeply on any one market.

That was a mistake.

I wasn’t seeing the results I’d hoped for. I would get sales on my books, but it wasn’t until I started tightly focusing, and putting all my writing and marketing efforts into one market, that I finally saw the fruits of my labor.

I’m sure you’ve heard the saying, “don’t put all your eggs in one basket“. Well, when it comes to writing books, putting all your eggs in one basket is an integral part of building your online publishing empire.

Let’s visualize.

I have 10 baskets and 10 eggs. I must place my 10 eggs in those baskets anyway I choose, and when I am finished, I get to choose a basket and feast on the eggs in that basket I chose.

I’m starving, by the way….

If I place 1 egg in each basket, and at the end of the game, choose a basket, no matter what basket I choose, I will only get to enjoy 1 measly egg.

But, if I put all 10 eggs in 1 basket, and I choose that basket, I have enough eggs to last me awhile!

Make sense?

There are 2 reasons why sticking to 1 market is smart.

  1. You establish authority in your market. When your readers check out your Author page (and they will!), they will see you have multiple publications all on the same (and closely related) topics. This will instantly convey professionalism and authority in that topic. Subconsciously, they will think, “wow, this author must be an expert in this field!
  2. Writing in one market allows you to use the ingenious strategy of creating a series. While writing in a series is a clever strategy in writing and story telling (be it fiction or non fiction), it is also a sure fire marketing strategy that will make you way more sales than if your books were completely independent of one another. When you write in a series, you can provide links inside your books to the other books in your series.

In a previous  posts, we talked about why it is smart to provide your book/s for free (either temporarily or permanently), using one or more as a ‘loss leader‘ to get more exposure to the links inside the books.

That same strategy can be effectively used when selling books in a series!

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