{KINDLE BOOK MARKETING STRATEGY} How To Brand Yourself With A Book Cover

How To Brand Yourself With Your Kindle Book CoversRecently, while on a long, loooong, road trip, my husband and I played a little game to pass the time. With each oncoming car, we challenged one another to identify the make and model of the vehicle without seeing the name.

I had never attempted this before, so it came as a complete surprise that I could easily spout off the brand with just one look. I easily recognized the body structures and logo symbols of Hondas, Fords, Chevys, Nissans, Toyotas, Buicks, etc., without seeing the written logo. How was this possible? I never had an interest in cars.

I thought long and hard about this, as it perplexed me that my brain had been subconsciously trained to recognize these vehicle brands…….all the while being completely unaware of it even happening. The only logical conclusion I came to was ….. repeated exposure of a brand with a memorable “look and feel”.

All the years driving in cars, and seeing other cars pass by, as well as being exposed to endless car and truck commercials throughout my life, my mind had been silently trained to recognize these brands.

So, how do you make yourself memorable to your followers? How do you go about branding yourself so effectively they will remember you?

In my last post, we talked briefly about repeated exposure and building relationships to expose your brand, but in this post I want to talk about the actual ‘look and feel’ of your brand.

Good branding on Kindle starts with your book cover.

Your book cover is the very first thing your readers see when browsing through the hundreds of thousands of other books on Amazon.

If you examine most book covers of famous authors, you will notice certain elements of their book covers have a consistent “look and feel”. For example, take a look at Stephen King’s books. What’s the first thing you notice when you look at all of his covers? His name! His first and last name is always in big letters in the same font.

The largest element on the cover of most famous books is usually the author name. The name is usually bigger than even the title of the book, and the font is the same on each book.

Color also can play a big role in memorable branding. Think UPS’s brown delivery trucks. You don’t necessarily need to see the letters ‘UPS’ to identify one of their trucks.

Many times, authors will brand the colors of their book covers similarly, especially if they are selling books in a series.

Speaking of series selling, which we talked about in a a previous post and how lucrative it is to your publishing business, branding the titles of each book in the series is an excellent way for your readers to identify and remember them.

For example, if I wrote a series on Organic Gardening, I could name the books in the series as follows:

Organic Gardening: Growing Tomatoes
Organic Gardening: Growing Cucumbers
Organic Gardening: Growing Kale

All good branding starts with an attractive, consistent, look and feel. Your Kindle book covers are no exception!

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