How To Make Even More Money With Your Kindle BooksHave you ever heard the phrase “work  SMARTER not HARDER“? Well, this applies to your Kindle Publishing business too!

We, Self Publishers, don’t just wear the ‘author and writer‘ hat, we also wear the hats of editors, proofreaders, marketers, and managers, responsible for optimizing the profit potential of each and every one of our works.

We need to work smarter by making our books work harder. The smartest move we can make is to squeeze as much profit out of each book we
write, and one of the best ways to do this is to add the ‘affiliate marketer‘ hat to our wardrobe.

For every category on Kindle, there is a potential product or service out there in the world you can promote. Luckily, Amazon allows you to place links in your books, so promoting a product within the digital pages of your book is easily doable.

For example, I write about health and nutrition. I can easily sign up as an affiliate for, and promote vitamin supplements or recipe packages to my readers by providing them with links leading to those products.

Being an ‘affiliate‘ of a product simply means that you get a commission every time someone buys that product through a link with your affiliate I.D. embedded.

Not only will you make money when someone downloads your book, you will make even more money when someone buys a product through a link within that book.

Whatever genre or market you write for, I guarantee there are products available for affiliate commissions.

Note: Amazon doesn’t allow you to place a direct affiliate link in your book, you will need to link to a landing page on your website or
blog with your affiliate link on it.

Can you see the potential in this?

If you use KDP Select’s free promo tool or have successfully used the  ‘Price Match‘ feature to make your book available for free (like we
talked about in the last post), you can use a book as a ‘loss leader‘, and sacrifice the Amazon income for more downloads in the hope of making a greater affiliate commission. (Was that a run on?) “-)

For a thorough blueprint on how to make money by promoting affiliate products in your books, and to get more unbeatably brilliant Kindle
sales strategies, check out Kindling.

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