{KINDLE BOOK MARKETING STRATEGY} Brand Yourself By Repeated Exposure And Relationship Building

How Repeated Exposure And Building Relationships WIll Help You Brand Your Kindle BooksThe other day I was watching the Disney Channel with my kids, and this commercial came on about stuffed animals called “Stuffies”. Stuffies are stuffed animals your kids can ‘stuff’ their ‘stuff’ inside, and the commercial came complete with a cute, catchy, little jingle, “Stuffies, it’s what’s inside that counts.”

At the next commercial break, the commercial came on again. This time, I knew the tune and the words to the jingle, and found myself subconsciously singing along with it. At the third commercial break, the commercial came on yet again. This time, my kids were singing and dancing to it. By the fourth commercial, my kids were asking me if they could get a Stuffie. And by the fifth commercial, I was even considering getting one for myself!

That night, while showering, I found myself singing the jingle. Now, that’s some darn good branding!

So, what did this company do? They exposed their brand and their catchy little jingle over and over. And what happened in the mind of the consumer? At first, I didn’t give this product a second thought. But after seeing and hearing it repeatedly, I had somehow gotten to that pre purchase place. You know that place….where your mind has simply made a decision on its own, without consulting with you first, and the only thing between you and the product is the action you are about to take to buy it.

That’s exactly the place you want to take your readers. A place where they aren’t even contemplating whether or not they should buy your book (or books), they simply just do it like there is no other logical choice.

So, how do you get your readers to this place? Expose your brand to them repeatedly. And considering most of you are not advertising on radio or TV, how do you expose your brand to them repeatedly?

Build relationships with them.

This is exactly what John Locke did to gain millions of readers and become one of the best-selling Indie Authors of our time. He built relationships, and exposed his work to a growing number of followers consistently.

There are lots of different ways you can build relationships with your readers. Social Media platforms like Facebook and Twitter, blogs, and email lists all make it possible to make yourself accessible to your readers, converse with them, talk about your current books, announce releases of your future books, and build relationships.

Branding yourself (whether you do so in your own name or your pen name) is not an overnight process, but it’s a process, when done consistently, has a huge return on investment.

Just like the ‘Stuffies’ commercial, the first couple of exposures might not make much of an impact on your readers, but if you consistently continue reaching out to them, they will respond. The end result will be a growing following and much more publishing revenue, not to mention an effective way to build your online publishing empire.

Don’t be overwhelmed at the prospect of using Social Media for branding, it’s not as hard or as time consuming as you might think. It’s surprisingly fun when you get the hang of it. You’ll make priceless contacts, and those contacts will actually help make your writing better when they ask you questions and offer you suggestions.

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