How To Write A Book – How The Experts Do It

How To Write A Book So you want to write a book, but are having a hard time getting started? Here are 6 articles that will help move you past the point of staring at a blank screen and onto the road toward a real, live novel. These posts are from some very credible websites, so take notes, and remember, Rome wasn’t built in a day…..neither will your novel (or non fiction book) be written in a day. Writing a book takes hard work, dedication, and a passion for your topic. So, without further ado, let’s start writing!

6 Great Articles To Get You To Writing Lift Off!

The Worst Thing You Write Is Better Than The Best Thing You Did Not Write!….So Just Do It!

How To Write A Book – on WikiHow

WikiHow has a lot of information on how to write a book, from start to finish for both fiction and non-fiction writing. This article covers how to get started, how to come up with your characters, creating your outline, editing, chapter crafting, mapping out your plot, etc. It also touches on how to write non-fiction, how to come up with your idea, how to research your topic, how to format your book, and lots of other great tips for writing.

Thinking Of Writing A Book, Here’s What You Need To Know – Forbes

Forbes is always a great resource when it comes to just about anything, writing included. This article, written by Nick Morgan, talks about how writing a book can benefit you. He suggests that writing a book will help you become an expert in your field, help you to excel as a professional speaker in your field, help to create a public persona and brand around yourself, and just generally give you a high level of inner satisfaction.

How To Start Writing A Book – The 1st Chapter -Writer’s Digest

Writer’s Digest is one of my all time favorite writing resources. I used to get their magazine each month, and devour every single word of it! Here is a compilation of resources that will help get that first chapter underway. If you’re stuck staring at a blank screen, and are trying everything you can to get some lift off with your writing, check out this link!

How To Write A Book In 30 Days – The Guardian

This article shows you how to write the first draft of a novel in 30 days. It covers how to brainstorm for ideas, how to effectively research for your novel, how to evolve your plot, format your outline, and write your first draft. Pretty interesting. Seems like a very organized method to getting all your thoughts out onto paper.

How To Write A Book – 24Ways

In this article, Jonathon Snook teaches you all the ins and outs of self publishing. He goes over formatting, gives you online tools to make writing and publishing easier, and shares how to create an EPUB and MOBI file for digital publishing.

10 Ridiculously Simple Tips For Writing A Book – Jeff Goins

In this post, author Jeff Goins, gives some very insightful tips on how to get started writing a book. He points out that it’s not always the ‘publishing’ process that is the hard part, for many writers, it’s the writing. He gives you great suggestions for getting started, staying accountable, and staying motivated.

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