How To Become A Writer In 8 Simple Steps

How To Become A Writer In 8 Simple StepsOk, so you want to become a writer. Congrats for making a wonderful, ambitious decision. I come from the school of thought that ANYONE (yes, I mean anyone) can become a writer. Some people might disagree, but I believe that if you have a brain, and you think, you have thoughts…therefore, if you can get those thoughts onto paper (or computer), you are a writer!

Let me first start off by saying, if you truly want to become a writer, stay away from listening to the kind of advice given in this article : Why You Shouldn’t Be A Writer.

Not sure what the true intention of this article is, but Susannah Breslin sure does seem to have some very strong motivations for slashing and dashing your dreams. Sure, not everyone has grammar skills, or eloquently tell a story, but this, just like everything else in life, is a learned skill. You don’t come out of the womb knowing how to beautifully craft your thoughts into the written word.

Here’s a quick excerpt from the article:

Just because you can write doesn’t mean you should. Just because you do write doesn’t mean you’re good. You could call yourself an Olympic diver, but that doesn’t mean you are.

Congratulations on penning that poem, posting that blog post, self-publishing that novel, finishing that manuscript, churning out that personal essay that is sitting on your desk, hard-drive, the internet.

But here’s the question you should be asking yourself: Can I write? Not literally. Not physically. Not technically. Anyone can do that. Can you make the words sing? Does your prose have that certain something? Are you gifted at showing not telling, or telling not showing, or creating an entire world that didn’t exist before that is born again when someone else reads your work?


Ooooookay. Way to kill a dream, Susannah. I would have to wholeheartedly disagree with you. I say, if you can write, you should. And whether or not you are good at depends on who is reading it. There are, obviously, varying levels of skill when it comes to both showing and telling. 

I would also like to know…who determines what that certain something is?

Here’s my point, don’t let anyone, and mean ANYONE tell you that you aren’t good at something. Who are they to measure. My Grandfather used to say there is a butt for every seat. And just as such, there is a reader for every written word….whether it be good or bad. 

So, how DO you become a writer?

The answer to that question depends on what kind of writer you want to become. There are many kinds of writers, novelists, journalists, bloggers, non fiction writers, technical writers, medical writers, poets, song writers, etc. Some writers get paid for their work and some don’t.

I am assuming when you say you want to become a writer, you want to get paid for your work. So, let’s break this down into 8 simple steps.

Step 1

Figure out what you want to write. If it’s a book you want to write, there are plenty of resources on the web on how to write a book.

Step 2

Get on a writing schedule. Hang a big bulky calendar in your office if need be, and commit to writing a certain amount each day.

Step 3

Read and review work that you enjoy. If you want to be a writer for a certain magazine, read and study the contents of that magazine so you can better get a feel of what the editor is looking for. If you want to write a fiction novel, read and study some novels that have inspired you to write your story line.

Step 4

Start your project. It may be hard at first, you may get a touch of beginner’s writer’s block. But I guarantee you, once you start writing, it will come naturally. At this point, don’t worry about spelling and grammar, you can go back and edit (or have someone edit for you) your work after it’s complete. Use this time to just get everything on your mind out into written form.

Step 5

Take some creative writing courses. There are a ton of free courses on the web. Tap into your inner creativity. Discover how you can use your writing style to convey your message/s.

Step 6

Join some writing communities. Register for some online writing discussion forums. Talk and network with other writers. Become educated in the industry.

Step 7

Decide how you will monetize your writing. There are lots of ways to get paid for your writing. And if you are having a hard time figuring it out, you can always look for writing jobs on the web in the meantime.

Step 8

Once you have your work finished, you can either submit your work to a literary agent to submit to a traditional publisher, or you can self publish. There are lots of online resources on how to publish a book and where to find publishers. If you don’t want to go the traditional publishing route, there are print on demand book publishers that can make distributing your book a lot less expensive.

No matter what happens, don’t give up. You CAN do this. Forget what Susannah Breslin says. Don’t let anyone tear your dreams down. If you truly want to become a writer, YOU WILL!


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