Meet Author Derek Doepker


Today we have the honor of getting to know author and fitness guru, Derek Doepker. Derek is the creator of Excuse Proof Fitness (, a website that specializes in helping people overcome their fitness challenges and start living a healthy lifestyle. Writer of fitness, recipe and diet books, Derek helps his readers wade through all the […]

Meet Author Kel Mansfield


Today we have the privilege of interviewing writer and sports broadcaster/reporter Kel Mansfield. Kel is the author of the Flyball 5: The Adventures Of 5 Abandoned Puppies, a realistic action and adventure story for all ages. Kel resides in the UK, and although he primarily writes fiction books, he plans on releasing some non fiction […]

Meet Author Jeff Baker


In this interview, we will be getting to know author and computer programmer, Jeff Baker. When he’s not writing programming articles, you can find Jeff working on his Chainmail Made Easy Series, a series of books that teach you how to create things like jewelry, clothing, art, armor, etc. out of chain links. It’s quite an […]

Meet Author Richard Young


Today we are interviewing author Richard Young. Richard has had an extremely adventurous and exciting life traveling all over the world, having the privilege of photographing and writing about all the different people he met and places he visited. Starting his career in the army, his expertise soon led him to video, film, and the […]

Meet Author Ivy Alexander


In today’s interview, we have the pleasure of getting to know fiction writer Ivy Alexander. Ivy is the author of the Helena’s Grove Series, a series of sweet classic love stories that are perfect for the hopeless romantic who wants to be taken on an amazing journey! Originally from Arizona, Ivy Alexander enjoys reading and baking, but […]

Meet Author Alan Forbes


Today I had the pleasure of doing a written interview with author and computer programmer, Alan Forbes. Alan specializes in writing programming books tailored to the beginner, and thanks to Alan, understanding of programming languages, such as PHP, jQuery, and Bootstrap, is easier than ever. Let’s find out a little more about Alan and how […]

Meet Author Blake Kelley


Today I am interviewing author and online marketer, Blake Kelley. Blake is the CEO and founder of Blake Kelley Publishing, a small company that publishes books that teach people how to make money online. His newest book, Middleman Magic, outlines an internet marketing strategy showing people how to buy and sell graphic logos online. Let’s […]