6 Tips To Finding The Best Self Publishing Companies

Self Publishing CompaniesChoosing the best self publishing company for your book is often a difficult decision. You want to find the most cost effective company to work with, but you still want the very best experience you can get.

Here are some checkpoints to consider when choosing a self publishing company:

1. The Contract

One of the most important pieces of the self publishing puzzle are the details of the contract. It should be easy to easy to read and easy to understand.

You want to be sure you will retain all the rights to your book. You don’t want to miss this part in the contract. Every piece of your book should always remain 100% yours at all times. This should be one of the first things you search out when a self publisher hands you a contract.

The second thing to look for are the terms surrounding termination of the agreement. You should never have to pay a penalty fee to terminate the contract.

2. Your Book’s Cost

Ideally, you will want to be able to set your own retail price. It’s a red flag if the publisher forces you into a higher price than you’d like. Your book should be priced to compete with other books of it’s kind, if your book is overpriced, it won’t sell well.

3. Author Royalties

This is an important aspect of self publishing. The royalties you receive, as an author, are the amount you get for each sale of your book. Be weary of any self publisher that pays a large royalty, but forces unreasonably high retail prices. If the cost of your book is so high that no one buys it, what does it matter that your royalty is high…chances are you’ll not see much profit.

Also, be weary of any self publishing company that gives you higher royalty in exchange for raising the wholesale cost of the book to booksellers. If no store will buy it due to its cost, you won’t be able to sell it to make any of that royalty.

Ideally, you want to find a publisher that gives you 100% of the profit from the sale of your book. Usually, the self publisher’s costs are fixed. It costs them the same to print and distribute your book no matter what you end up selling it for. So, look for a self publisher that pays you on a ‘fixed cost’ basis, and that will pay you 100% of your profits.

4. Customer Service

Since you will be working closely with your self publisher, be sure whoever you choose has excellent customer service. The process of self publishing a book is very involved, and you’ll want to have a good rapport with the representatives of whatever company you choose.

5. Hidden Charges

The self publisher is ultimately looking to make money from your book. They wouldn’t be in business for any other reason, so you’ll want to sniff out any hidden charges that might not seem so evident upon signing. Find out exactly how they plan to make their money on your book.

6. The Design of Your Book

Self publishing companies usually use templates to print books. This saves on design cost for them. But the best case scenario for you is to be able to be in control of that creative process. You’ll want the freedom to set your own designs without being charged additional costs.

Deciding on the very best self publisher is not an easy task. It is a time consuming necessary duty to investigate whoever it is you decide to work with.

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