{KINDLE BOOK MARKETING STRATEGY} How To Brand Yourself With A Book Cover

How To Brand Yourself With Your Kindle Book Covers

Recently, while on a long, loooong, road trip, my husband and I played a little game to pass the time. With each oncoming car, we challenged one another to identify the make and model of the vehicle without seeing the name. I had never attempted this before, so it came as a complete surprise that […]

{KINDLE BOOK MARKETING STRATEGY} Brand Yourself By Repeated Exposure And Relationship Building

How Repeated Exposure And Building Relationships WIll Help You Brand Your Kindle Books

The other day I was watching the Disney Channel with my kids, and this commercial came on about stuffed animals called “Stuffies”. Stuffies are stuffed animals your kids can ‘stuff’ their ‘stuff’ inside, and the commercial came complete with a cute, catchy, little jingle, “Stuffies, it’s what’s inside that counts.” At the next commercial break, […]